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Patient feedback

Patient experience

The following experience is posted with permission:

"Our 18-year-old son had been suffering from chronic fatigue for seven months, and our family doctor was unable to make a diagnosis. Dr. Holladay was recommended to us by the Bateman Horne Center as a specialist in chronic fatigue. On our son’s first visit, Dr. Holladay made us all feel comfortable, and very methodically assessed the situation. We appreciated the way he asked questions of us, provided answers to our questions, and explained things in a way that was easy for us to understand. Dr. Holladay was able to diagnose our son’s symptoms on that first visit as POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).


"Through the course of subsequent visits Dr. Holladay developed a good rapport with our son, showed genuine concern for his illness, real interest in finding the cause of the illness, and carefully explained the options for treatment.


"We still don’t have a definitive answer for what caused the condition, but it was important for us to have the POTS diagnosis and to know that our son was getting informed treatment. After two months of regular visits our son moved to another state, and Dr. Holladay made the effort to identify a specialist in that state whom he could see. His condition did appear to improve over the two months he was seeing Dr. Holladay, and is still continuing to improve now, one month after his move.


"Overall, the qualities we most appreciated about Dr. Holladay were his specialized knowledge in illnesses related to chronic fatigue, his genuine interest in the well-being of our son, and his thorough and competent handling of his diagnosis and treatment."

Patient surveys

A survey has been recently instituted. Feedback from surveys is shared (with permission) below and as results are submitted it is anticipated that further feedback will be shared.

Positive aspects of visit

"Your empathy.... Your analytical, detailed approach"

"Dr. Holladay is very thorough in all aspects of treatment, which is very important to me. I like [that] he is available by phone."

"I love it that Dr. Holladay has spent the time to thoroughly understand my situation. He listens to me and is willing to more thoroughly explain things if I don't understand."

"Dr. Holladay was very attentive & took a tremendous amount of time with me, which was appreciated very much!"

"Dr Holladay is thorough & spends a lot of time listening, understanding and diagnosing correctly. My visit led to accurate diagnosis of POTS. It took years to get here & 1 visit to diagnose! [Re treatment:] Being on fludrocortisone... & implementing healthy diet & exercise has been HUGE for me. Muscle relaxers as needed instead of ibuprofen has been super beneficial too."

"I really appreciated the understanding and thorough listening. Few doctors care that much or take the time to understand to that extent."

Further feedback


"It meant a lot to me that he called me to find out how I was responding to the medicine he prescribed. It wasn't helping, so he called in a new prescription for me. That one was more helpful. I've never had a doctor do that before."

"I am hopeful for the first time in a long time about my health thanks to the first visit. I have options again, and it is so relieving."

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