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Payment for services

Payment model

This clinic is intended to be run primarily as a cash-pay practice where patients are responsible for paying directly for their care. In some instances you may be reimbursed by your insurance company for some or all of the amount.

Each insurance has its own requirements, which sometimes restrict how patients may be treated. With a cash pay model, I can devote more time to my patients and this facilitates my providing an overall better value in terms of the time I spend for the amount I am paid. It allows increased flexibility in how I provide services.

If you are on Medicare, I may not be able to see you right this moment, however please call me so that I can note if there is an interest. This will help me determine how I may be able to help those who are on Medicare.


Bateman Horne Center

The Bateman Horne Center for Excellence includes clinical and research work in ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. Website contains good educational resources. 

Solve ME/CFS

Facilitates research for ME/CFS and provides some educational resources.

FM Aware

National Fibromyalgia Association website provides educational materials for fibromyalgia.

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