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Payment model

My objective is to provide accessible care while avoiding the challenges presented by dealing with several insurance companies. In this way I can devote more time to my patients. If I do not accept your insurance, payment will be expected up front, however in some instances you may be reimbursed by your insurance for some or all of the amount. The prices for services provided below are substantially lower than those that would be charged for similar services by many other offices and cover for additional work done outside the visit.

If you are on Medicare, I will not be able to see you right this moment, however please call me so that I can note if there is an interest. This will help me determine how I may be able to help those who are on Medicare.

Introductory rates

Charges listed below are based on a typical appointment by that description. These rates apply when full payment is provided at time of service. Not all rates are listed. Availability may be subject to payment method.

New Patient

1 hour initial visit


Complex New Patient

2 hour initial visit


New Patient Package

2 hour initial visit + 2 follow-up visits


Home Visit

Home visit within 12 miles

+ $50

Detailed follow-up

30-45 minute visit


Medical dilemma eval

2 hour visit, 2+ hour research with summary, follow-up


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