Unsolved Medical Problems

Often people experience problems that are difficult to diagnose. Others experience a frustrating lack of response to treatment. One of the reasons this occurs is because modern medicine still has a long way to go in terms of acquiring knowledge about illnesses. In other cases, a primary care physician may not have time to research a problem and may not be able to find an appropriate specialist. Challenging cases may require additional time.

If you have a case that is particularly difficult, you can come in for a special visit to go over the details, following which I will devote time to researching and determining what may be done further. This may include spending time looking at different types of sources of medical information and possibly speaking with other healthcare providers to determine whether an answer, or a more satisfactory solution, can be found to your problem. I have substantial experience in doing medical literature searches and have taught medical residents about how to interpret clinical studies. I enjoy addressing diagnostic challenges. Feel free to call me. I can let you know whether I feel I may be able to help or perhaps whether you should go to another specific type of provider with your issue.