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What Dr. Holladay does not treat

As a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Holladay does not treat young children, although he may treat adolescents, particularly those with chronic fatigue or widespread pain issues. He do not typically perform obstetric (pregnancy) or gynecologic (female-specific) or surgical care. Although he may address issues such as diabetes and hypertension in the overall context of treating patients, he usually does not serve as a primary care provider.

A primary object of this practice is to evaluate unexplained pain (particularly fibromyalgia and related issues). This practice is not a typical "pain clinic" (one that specializes in prescribing opioid / narcotic medication and interventions for issues such as back pain). Other clinics have specific expertise in managing these types of pain-related issues. However, if you are experiencing some form of pain and wish to have it evaluated, please feel free to call and discuss this.

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