What I do not treat

As a specialist in internal medicine, I do not treat young children, although I may treat adolescents, particularly those with chronic fatigue or widespread pain issues. I do not typically perform obstetric (pregnancy) or gynecologic (female-specific) or surgical care. I am experienced in treating routine issues such as diabetes and hypertension, however if they are not particularly difficult to control, you may want to consider a regular primary care provider.

A primary object of this practice is to evaluate unexplained pain (particularly fibromyalgia and related issues). However, this practice does not serve as a "pain clinic" and does not focus on prescribing opioid (narcotic) and related prescriptions or on managing issues such as routine cases of back pain as a standalone problem. Other clinics have specific expertise in managing these types of pain-related issues. However, if you are experiencing some form of pain and wish to have it evaluated, please feel free to call and discuss this.